Hypalon Boat Names

By popular demand, we are now making Hypalon boat names for rib tubes.  

Sign Vinyls are suitable for hard surfaces/hulls of most boats and will stick to PVC ribs (subject to not inflating/deflating often), but do not fair so well on Hypalon.  (we are going to do some tests on PU)

We do have a super high tack vinyl which will stick to Hypalon Tubes - but bear in mind, it will crease when inflated/defalted, so we cannot guarantee its lifespan.


We can laser engrave Hypalon and cut a patch, this works well on the light colours as the grey back shows through.  We can also cut out Hypalon from different colours and apply it to a patch ready for application.

Alternatively, we can cut out the letters, and they can be stuck on individually, with the aid of a template.

We do not supply the glue - this can be purchased from your choice of Rib Store or marine outlet.  

Prices are available upon request - just ask us for a no-obligation quotation.

Contact us with the size of the patch/area for the name, Colours, boat name etc.  Various Colours of material are available.

Please note we have a size limit of 490mm x 290mm per patch

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