Hypalon RIB Tube Names

Hypalon RIB Tube Names

We are now making Hypalon boat names for rib tubes by popular demand.  


We can laser engrave Hypalon and cut a patch, this works well on the light colours as the grey back shows through.  We can also cut out Hypalon from different colours and apply it to a patch ready for application.

Alternatively, we can cut out the letters, and they can be stuck on individually, with the aid of a template.

We do not supply the glue - this can be purchased from your choice of marine outlet.  

Prices are available upon request - ask us for a no-obligation quotation.


Contact us with the following information;-

  1. The overall size of the patch (maximum 490mm x 250mm per patch)
  2. The colour of the patch and if not an engraved version, the colour of the lettering.  If is to be an engraved version, the lettering will be a dark grey colour.
  3. The font required (you can choose from the lettering designer or if we can access the font, use your own)

Please allow 2-3 weeks for production of Hypalon Boat names


We do have a super high tack Self Adhesive vinyl which will stick to PVC Tubes - but bear in mind, it will crease when inflated/defalted, so we cannot guarantee its lifespan.


Engraved Hypalon Boat Name

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